Flour free menu

Bread, brioche, grissini, vegetable salad, spreads platter, 2 eggs of your choice, hot & cold drink 54 ₪
Breakfast for two 104 ₪
French Toast 46 ₪
with fresh fruit and sour cream
Children’s Breakfast ( all day 36 ₪
omelette / hardboiled egg, bread, yellow cheese, sliced vegetables, a cup of hot chocolate & a meringue ‘kiss’
until 1:00pm
Omelette 38 ₪
cream cheese, pesto, omelette & tomato
Aubergine 38 ₪
tehina, grilled eggplant, hardboiled egg, purple onion & parsley
Tomme 39 ₪
butter, Tomme cheese, sautéed mushrooms & green onion
Brinza 41 ₪
pesto, Brinza cheese, green leaves, tomato and olives
Herring 44 ₪
butter, homemade pickled hering, cherry tomatoes and purple onion
Gravlax 44 ₪
lemon cream cheese (our own), homemade Gravlax, cucumber, purple and green onion
Smoked Tuna 38 ₪
garlic confit, pickled lemons spread, smoked tuna, potato, hardboiled egg, olives and capers
served with sliced vegetables
Antipasti 56 ₪
a variety of roasted vegetables & goat cheese, with olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Nicoise 64 ₪
red tuna (medium-rare) seared with sesame seeds, boiled potatoes, hardboiled egg, green beans, tomato, green leaves, green & purple onion, capers & olives, in pickled lemon dressing & olive oil
Greek Salad 54 ₪
tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, kalamata olives, purple onion, fresh mint, fresh Za'atar and marinated Feta cheese in olive oil, served with olive oil and lemon dressing
Spring Salad 56 ₪
lettuce, green leaves, apples, seasonal fruits, sun-dried cranberries, walnuts, almonds and pecorino cheese with sesame oil and honey dressing
served with bread
Toasts -44 nis
pesto, grilled tomatoes, grilled peppers & Brinza cheese
pepper spread, basil, Kalamata olives & Muzzarella cheese
Children's toast
ketchup, yellow cheese & olives
served with sliced vegetables
Main courses
Baladi Eggplanet 38 ₪
grilled eggplant in raw tehina
Rice Mix 52 ₪
a mix of brown and red rice with walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, cranberries and green onion, served with yogurt
Polenta 53 ₪
maize porridge served with fresh tomato sauce, goat cheese, mushrooms & fried egg
Quiche 56 ₪
a daily variety, served with a green salad
Soup of the day 36 ₪
Salmon in teriyaki 94 ₪
(home-made) on a bed of brown & red rice, with mushrooms and fried onion
the salmon is marinated for few hours in our teriyaki and absorb the special tastes and aroma
Baked Sea-Bream 96 ₪
in pickled lemon and garlic with home-made pepper sauce and pesto, served with brown & red rice / miniature potatoes and green beans
Red Tuna 78 ₪
seared (med-rare) in soy and sesame oil, miniature baked potatoes and green beans
Shakshouka ‘Ben Ami’ 48 ₪
spicy / non spicy
Shakshouka ‘Ben Ami’ with goat cheese 52 ₪
Spaghetti 54 ₪
With a variety of sauces:
Fresh Tomato sauce
Cream of Mushroom
Alio Olio - olive oil, cherry tomatoes, olives, garlic confit & fresh herbs
Rose - fresh tomato sauce with cream & basil
Peppers - olive oil, pepper spread, mushrooms, garlic confit & fresh parsley
Feta & Tomatoes - Feta cheese, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, garlic confit, basil & fresh herbs
Gaya 32 ₪
Baked white chocolate base, Belgian hazelnut chocolate mousse & white chocolate mousse, coated with white ganache
Bolero 32 ₪
Baked dark chocolate base, milk chocolate mousse & cream brule
Himalaya 32 ₪
Coconut meringue, milk chocolate mousse, Tiramisu, thin meringue, caramel mousse & pralines, coated with chocolate ganache
Hot chocolate cake 36 ₪
A chocolate delicacy that's soft inside and crisp on the outside Served hot with ice cream
Macaroon Cookie 6 ₪